Welcome to NTeslaCoin.  We believe electric powered transportation is something that will reshape society, connect people, and eventually eliminate fossil fuels. Help us & be a part of the future. 

With the NTeslaCoin platform we will make a service that connects people. The NTeslaCoin Tokens will be used to develop this platform. We will work on development throughout the year to make sure everyone has access to this exciting new network.  

Join us for our ICO and contribute to this project. 

**Instructions on buying tokens with MetaMask

NTSLA token is ERC20 compliant.

Please use the secure Ethereum wallet MetaMask 

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Cost of 1 NTSLA token :  .00004 ether

Terms of token sale :  1 ether = 26000 NTSLA tokens

Number of tokens available for sale: 400 million

Total Token Supply: 1 billion

Distributed to ICO investors – 40 %

Reserved for Team – 60 %


Tentative Roadmap

-January  2018

-Beta Launch of Platform

March 2019

-Launch NTeslaCoin Android and IOS App

April 2019

-Beta (Main) Launch of Platform

July 2019

-Start Accepting NTeslaCoin Tokens on the Platform